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USSOCOM Requested Survey

Announcement to Industry:


NDIA Tampa Bay requests your response to the following survey in order to serve our community to the best of our ability. Please also review and respond to the SOF AT&L policy draft changes and include any feedback you feel it is important for the government to consider. We hope to use your responses to improve value to members both in interacting with NDIA as well as the broader defense ecosystem. Response enters you for a chance to win one of two $100 gift cards. We look forward to your answers.



On behalf of SOF AT&L and Mr. Jim Smith, we are distributing this survey in order to aid USSOCOM in gauging industry's reactions to proposed, but as yet undecided, policy changes. Please review the below announcement and related documents from Mr. Smith. Any questions regarding this policy can be directed to Mrs. Jennifer Metty, Chief, Procurement Support Division, at (813) 539-0463, or

SOF AT&L asks you to keep in mind:

  1. We realize that these changes could impose a cost to industry and we want to fully appreciate the potential impact before we make a final decision on implementation. Please remember that this is a DRAFT release.

  2. For the Cybersecurity and SCRM Policy, we are trying to ensure we are reducing the risk to operations by minimizing the risk that an action against our industry partners will have a negative impact to SOF operations. While cybersecurity is covered in the DFARS, this action is to make the vendor’s self-assessment of cybersecurity and SCRM part of a competitive best-value/tradeoff solicitation.

  3. For DEI, this would only apply to service contracts seeking manpower augmentation within SOF organizations. The intent here is to ensure vendors share the same values for DEI as USSOCOM.

  4. In all cases, our intent is to provide the vendors with the opportunity to state their case for their adherence as potentially a competitive advantage.

Draft DEI Policy
Draft Cybersecurity & Supply Chain Risk Management Policy

Feedback Form

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2023 NDIA Model Chapter 

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